Wedding At Marble Hill House In Twickenham

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What a busy, busy time at the moment. Two full days of weddings last weekend and an all day one yesterday. Just had a chance to look at yesterday’s and when I took this one below I got all excited knowing it had a lot going for it; well what I like about a good photo anyway. I love the light striking the faces. For me the light on the groom with his face half lit I find works really well for men and Alice has her face looking towards the window just out of shot which I find beautifying for women. Had I had them look in different direction it just wouldn’t have the same quality. This time of year and the time of day makes for some beautiful light.

Look very carefully at the photographs of photographers and see for yourself whether or not they have an understanding for light or is everything flat lit; the easy way out. Most snaps are just that. It doesn’t take a lot to appreciate this once you get an idea what to look for. The light chisseling the face in a way that compliments I find one of the most perfect lighting situations. I hope you like it as much as I do.


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