Strawberry Hill House Wedding Photography – Peggah & Erik

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Wow! What a hot day for last weekends wedding adventure in London. An early start with the bride in Hampstead Heath, then 45 mins drive to Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham. This was my first wedding at this wonderful wedding venue and was nit disappointed; in fact is an amazing and unusual building. The creation of Horace Walpole during the 18th century, Strawberry Hill is internationally known as Britain’s finest example of Georgian Gothic revival architecture.

The bride Peggah and groom Erik were most stunning and were an absolute pleasure to photograph. After the ceremony guests were served canapés on the sun scorched lawns for an hour or so. Then off to Rough Luxe with the bride and groom for a few shots there while they unusually had a few hours to chill out before the evening reception at 116 Pall Mall perhaps better known as the building of the Institute of Directors for the.

The evening reception started out with a short Iranian wedding ceremony to bless the couple then in to the main hall for the wedding breakfast.

Here’s a few of the photos from the day:

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8 comments on “Strawberry Hill House wedding photography – Peggah & Erik

  1. Lovely photos. Looks like a gorgeous location. Love the one with the parasols.

  2. Lewis says:

    The posed shots are exceptional. Great work!

  3. WOW! Amazing shots again Paul. The bride is stunning, lucky guy!

  4. Linus Moran says:

    Stunning work Paul. Beautiful bride and superb venue bursting with colour. Love it!!

  5. Carmen Maria Luis says:

    I love these wedding photographs! an awesome job. I really like how you captured images, especially the photo of the umbrella and the couple in the center. Congratulations. greetings from Canary Islands

  6. Absolutely stunning wedding Photography. Really beautiful

  7. Great photos Paul, I come here for some inspiration for a session and I found it :)!!!!

  8. Carmen Leiva says:

    Spectacular this wedding, I really like the place, the decor, the joy that is transmitted is breathtaking. Great job !! here’s a more fan 🙂

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