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The use of Photoshop plays a big part in a lot of my work to get the finished results people are use to seeing. Here’s a couple of examples of how much a photo can be enhanced with the correct use of this very clever program. As many who have ever had a look in to Photoshop knows, it’s a vast program and takes a long time to really get to grips with. You can never know too much IMO of this program. It’s only as good though as the photographer interpretation as he still has to have the imagination of how he wants the final image to be. Some images get ‘overcooked’ IMO in Photoshop as some get carried away with the filters and fancy effects. These two images I worked on for about 20 mins each to get these resuls. Previsualizing at the picture taking stage and to know what I can do later to the image helps ‘see’ the photos as opportunities present  themselves on a shoot. 

Nearly every image that leaves our studio besides proofs has had some work done to it in Photoshop to a greater or lesser degree. The un -edited image would be a proof as of course on a wedding when we may take in excess of 1000 photos it isn’t practical to photoshop everything as I’d spend ages just to proof a wedding but images in albums etc. can receive this enhancing of the image.

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