Things To Know Before Booking A Wedding Photographer – Part One

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Written by Paul Johnson, wedding photographer London, UK

Hello and welcome to my blog. In this post, I am going to talk about things you need to know before you book your wedding photographer. Based on my huge experience as a wedding photographer, I will point out crucial issues that you must carefully consider before you book your wedding photographer. So, here are first five tips for you:

1. Remember that not all Brides and grooms are models

Bride and grooms are not models! So, to capture those great natural looking poses, your photographer has to be a director as well as photographer. This was without doubt part of a good photographer’s knowledge. In recent years, with the popularity of reportage wedding photography many photographers didn’t learn those skills. Today more and more couples are disappointed with the results some photographers are producing. There are more stories today of couples taking legal action against their photographer for bad workmanship than at any other time. Many of these you will hear about in the media.

2. Make sure you know how many photos you will get from your wedding photographer

You can get the high resolution photos from many photographers of your wedding day but check as you should know will you get all that are taken minus the duffs or will you just get an edited down number as some give only 200-300 although they may have shot lots more. You should get all that were taken minus a small percentage in my opinion. An all day coverage should equate to you getting at lest 800 photos and up to 2000. Some include the high resolution photos in their packages, some sell them as an add-on and some don’t sell them at all. Make sure you know what you will get. Make sure you will be able to make your own prints from these photos and they don’t have a watermark.

3. Choose your album style and content

If you are getting an album, will you have a say in the design, layout and what photos go in your album? Did you know some photographers don’t let the couple have any input to the final design? They just get what the photographer decides is right. make sure to check this with your photographer!

4. Don’t accept sub contractors

Some photographers have operators or sub contractors doing weddings they book. Make sure you get the wedding photographer you are expecting and not a sub who you’ve never met before.

5. Backups, backups, backups

Does your photographer have offsite backups? Your wedding photos are very important. What backup policy does your photographer have in place to secure your precious photos will never get lost? For example, we operate a 3 copy policy with one being offsite so fully recoverable in case of total local disaster. We also maintain an indefinite archive policy and have work in our archives go back to 2003 when we first started with digital. It had happened that two clients lost their photos years after the wedding and we were able to replace them. It gives you peace of mind knowing your photos are always safe.

OK, this is it for this week. If you like what you just read, share your love by clicking social media icons on your left side. And don’t forget to visit my blog next week when I will write five more tips, and hopefully help you to choose just the right person for your wedding day photography.

Yours truly,

Paul Johnson Photography,

Portraits and Wedding photographer London, Sussex, Essex, Kent, Surrey and UK

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2 comments on “Things to know before booking a wedding photographer – Part one

  1. Carmen Maria Luis says:

    They are very good advice to book a wedding photographer, advice that everyone should consider. Especially most disappointing that you can get at a wedding is that you appear a photographer who has not asked and did not know, because you are all nervous thinking whether it is good or not, and how will your event photographs. Thanks for sharing these tips. Greetings from Tenerife

  2. Linus says:

    Well written piece Paul outlining some of the main points to consider when making a choice of who to go for when capturing a wedding day!

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