Changing The Way We Shoot – Wedding Photos And Woburn Abbey Scuplture Gallery

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About a year or so ago a new device was invented by a US company that allows the use of flash guns to used off camera and although that was nothing new what this new invention did was quite remarkable and without getting technical this allows those photographer that embrace the technology to revolutionize the way we can shoot with off camera flash and have full control over the light, as an example the image below was shot in daylight but I wanted to create a nightime look. What counts to brides and grooms of course is results and here is a small slide show of Friday’s wedding, my second one since introducing this in to my work. The beautiful quality of light is from off camera flashes; Friday was a pretty dull day but this isn’t now going to cause us any trouble as we now create the light and are no longer at the mercy of the British weather. Anyway you can be the judge as it’s what you my clienst and future clients think. I hope you enjoy the photos:

 Slide from Woburn Sculpture Gallery

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