Black & White Photography

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There’s something about black & white photography that I find hard to describe what it is I like so much about it. Maybe it’s the fact that photography ‘painting with light’ allows the viewer to just see where the light is falling across the surfaces within the photo and leaves it uncluttered of colour. Sometimes I think I’d like to just photograph everything with the intention of it being black and white but then on a wedding we feel we have to see the colour of the flowers and dresses.

Certainly many fine art photographers predominantly worked in black & white and were lured by its appeal. When colour film first became available many said that it would be the end of the black & white photo but still today it has many fans

Funny thing I have noticed is that people of my parent’s generation don’t seem to see so much of an appeal about it as those of my generation and younger.

Anyway I though I’d put together some of the photos from my weddings I thought look great producedĀ in black & white and hope you will enjoy them.

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