Natalie & Shibbie’s Wedding Hever Castle

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Things To Know Before Booking A Wedding Photographer – Part One

Written by Paul Johnson, wedding photographer London, UK Hello and welcome to my blog. In this post, I am going to talk about things you need to know before you book your wedding photographer. Based on my huge experience as a wedding photographer, I will point out crucial issues that you must carefully consider before you book your wedding photographer. So, here are first five tips for you: 1. Remember that not all Brides and grooms are models Bride and grooms are not models! So, to capture those great natural looking poses, your photographer has to be a director as … Continue reading

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2 comments on “Things to know before booking a wedding photographer – Part one

  1. Carmen Maria Luis says:

    They are very good advice to book a wedding photographer, advice that everyone should consider. Especially most disappointing that you can get at a wedding is that you appear a photographer who has not asked and did not know, because you are all nervous thinking whether it is good or not, and how will your event photographs. Thanks for sharing these tips. Greetings from Tenerife

  2. Linus says:

    Well written piece Paul outlining some of the main points to consider when making a choice of who to go for when capturing a wedding day!

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Paul Gets Invite To Join Best Of Wedding Photography

I was delighted to be invited to join the Best Of Wedding Photography which is the premier invitation-only association for the world’s top wedding photographers. This is great recognition and privilege to be part of this amazing group of internationally recognized wedding photographers. Here’s a screen grab of the page I’m featured on:

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Strawberry Hill House Wedding Photography – Peggah & Erik

Wow! What a hot day for last weekends wedding adventure in London. An early start with the bride in Hampstead Heath, then 45 mins drive to Strawberry Hill House in Twickenham. This was my first wedding at this wonderful wedding venue and was nit disappointed; in fact is an amazing and unusual building. The creation of Horace Walpole during the 18th century, Strawberry Hill is internationally known as Britain’s finest example of Georgian Gothic revival architecture. The bride Peggah and groom Erik were most stunning and were an absolute pleasure to photograph. After the ceremony guests were served canapés on … Continue reading

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8 comments on “Strawberry Hill House wedding photography – Peggah & Erik

  1. Lovely photos. Looks like a gorgeous location. Love the one with the parasols.

  2. Lewis says:

    The posed shots are exceptional. Great work!

  3. WOW! Amazing shots again Paul. The bride is stunning, lucky guy!

  4. Linus Moran says:

    Stunning work Paul. Beautiful bride and superb venue bursting with colour. Love it!!

  5. Carmen Maria Luis says:

    I love these wedding photographs! an awesome job. I really like how you captured images, especially the photo of the umbrella and the couple in the center. Congratulations. greetings from Canary Islands

  6. Absolutely stunning wedding Photography. Really beautiful

  7. Great photos Paul, I come here for some inspiration for a session and I found it :)!!!!

  8. Carmen Leiva says:

    Spectacular this wedding, I really like the place, the decor, the joy that is transmitted is breathtaking. Great job !! here’s a more fan 🙂

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Hever Castle Wedding In The Italian Gardens And Loggia

Hever Castle drawbridge wedding photo

What a fun wedding this was. You know instantly at the brides home how the day is going to pan out and we were made very welcome right from the start and have to say what a fun and jovial FOB the brides father was, non stop joking which just had us in stitches. This weekend was scorching hot, well for Engand it was and it was a nice local wedding for me at one of my favourite places in the South East, the Italian Gardens at Hever Castle just outside Edenbridge, Kent. The Loggia is where the civil wedding … Continue reading

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7 comments on “Hever Castle wedding in the Italian Gardens and Loggia

  1. Paul, I’m loving this so much I’ve gone through them twice! The head and shoulders portrait of the bride against the background with the soft light is a blinder!

  2. Paul Johnson says:

    Lorenzo, thanks very much for you kind words.

  3. Steve Brill says:

    Beautiful work Paul. Your client must be blown away with the images.

  4. Anna Pollins says:

    Mike and I are delighted with the photographs that Paul did for our wedding. He made us feel very comfortable from the first meeting and on the day it was great to have someone who could combine professionalism with sense of humour (and who could put up with my father’s terrible jokes!). Paul and his assistant managed to be there taking photos without being obtrusive, and he got all the group ones we wanted as well as plenty more. The venue is beautiful in and of itself so we knew there were some great photo opportunities but these exceeded expectations and we’re really happy with them – the biggest problem we have is choosing which ones for the album or printing! Thanks Paul for helping us to have a record of this special day!

  5. Carmen Maria Luis says:

    Spectacular photographs, very spontaneous and natural. As a wedding photographer I congratulate you on the great work. Greetings from Tenerife

  6. I am loving the architecture and gardens that was fully taken advantage of. Gorgeous images!

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Wedding Photography At Hinton House, Somerset

A fun and creative Somerset wedding photography adventure we had on this first sunny Saturday of June in the wonderful setting of Hinton House, Hinton Charterhouse in Somerset. The very picturesque village is in an area of outstanding natural beauty. As this wedding was a bit of a journey for us we set out on Friday and stayed in a B&B local to the wedding venue as I’d much rather do that than travel on the day and worry about getting to the wedding on time with such a long distance from my home in West Sussex. Hinton House is … Continue reading

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5 comments on “Wedding Photography at Hinton House, Somerset

  1. Kim Rix says:

    Beautiful imagery Paul.

  2. Lovely images Paul, the speeches are my favourite : )

  3. Great photos! i love them, my fav are the bridal portraits at the beggining, i really like how you used the lighs and shadows.

  4. Phenominal use of light and perfect metering I am definately a fan and re visit some of your work at least once a month, keep up the great work you are an inspiration to us all!

  5. David says:

    Lovely shots Paul. A great mix of spontaneous moments and some beautifully posed portraits!

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Wedding Photography At The Walled Garden Cowdray

Another wonderful wedding photographed today at The Walled Garden, Cowdray Once again the weather was good when it needed to be. It’s been a bit of a slow start to the wedding season this year with some couples apparently showing their superstitious side and putting off the big day for the year 2013. It was pointed out to me recently that Canon don’t use the number 13 in their cameras or 14 because the Japanese are very superstitious. Anyway I digress. I’ve been privileged to photograph a number of weddings at the beautiful seeting of The Walled Garden, Cowdray, Midhurst … Continue reading

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11 comments on “Wedding photography at The Walled Garden Cowdray

  1. Kate looks just like Grace Kelly in her wedding dress! Simply beautiful and a perfect location. I’ve wanted to shoot at Cowdray for ages. You’ve done a great job and bought a real sense of glamour to the occasion with your photography.

  2. marvic bosworth says:

    FABULOUS!!!!!! You have captured the atmosphere of the day perfectly. Thank you so much

  3. beautiful wedding and photography! great work!

  4. love the colours! so soft and delicate! great job!

  5. Chris says:

    Great photos Paul.

  6. helen - 'mum' - spooner says:

    Lovely, lovely photos capturing the bliss of the day! And wasn’t aware photographers could organise such great weather too!

  7. Its been a whiles since Ive commented on your site. Great images as usual Paul, you truely are a great craftsman.

  8. Mike says:

    Beautiful smiles genuinely captured in the moment!

  9. Danielle says:

    Stunning photos…

  10. Great portfolio of photos. You have a great talent!

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Want To Be A Part Of A New TV Show For Brides? Then Read On.

BRIDES-TO-BE AND THEIR BRIDESMAIDS WANTED FOR EXCITING NEW TV SHOW Are you getting married between August 2013 and February 2014? Are you aged between 18 and 32? Are you a super excited bride-to-be with several equally excitable bridesmaids putting the finishing touches to your wedding proceedings? Are your bridesmaids frantically planning your hen night? Arranging practice make up sessions? Organising last minute spa sessions and outfit changes?  Would you like a free weekend of bonding in London for you and your bridesmaids before your big day?  Well we want to hear from you! Fresh One Productions are making an exciting … Continue reading

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Bridal Photography Awards

bridal photography awards

I was going through some recent weddings looking for potential photos to enter in to some awards in 2013. Here’s one I am hoping will do quite well. Shot with off camera flash, assistant was hand holding the flash just out of picture to the right of the bride. Off camera is one of my favourite ways to create photos.

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2 comments on “Bridal photography awards

  1. Ian Baker says:

    Beautiful shot Paul, so very elegant indeed, great light! Good luck with the competition.

  2. A stunning shot Paul, and a wonderfully natural setting (bought to life with the help of a little technological and creative knowhow)

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Turkish Wedding Photography In London

I love shooting weddings in London. The architecture and choice of backgrounds old and new make for such a variety of photo opportunities. Turkish weddings are such lively affairs. Its non-stop action and they always tend to be long days. I left home at 10am and got back at 12.30am so that was a fourteen and a half hour day door to door. We arrived in London near Oxford Street to start with the couple shots at Chandos House in Queen Anne Mews, just a short walk from Oxford Circus. By the way I highly recommend lunch at Vapiano in Great … Continue reading

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3 comments on “Turkish Wedding Photography in London

  1. Ozlem says:

    We both absoloutely love the photography! Paul, you have done an amazing job, beautifully capturing every special moment of our big day. It was defiantely a non-stop action day and we are so happy you were a part of it, taking such amazing photos of those great memories. Thank you again!

    Ozlem & Ayhan

  2. admin says:

    It was a pleasure to part of your very special day and it was certainly a busy action packed day. Wishing you both the very best for your futures together.

  3. You obviously haven’t tasted my Spaghetti Bolognese!
    Great set Paul, I can see how hard you’re working the angles especially as the B&G begin the first dance!

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