Wedding Photography At Stanmer House, Brighton

Saturday 22nd August we had our first wedding at Stanmer House in Brighton for Helen & Peter’s wedding. Here’s a few from the day. Seems like the wet season is over ofr the time being after so many wet weekends.

Bride & Groom In London

Sunday just gone rather than a wedding we went to various locations in London with the bride and groom as their actual wedding took place in June in Istanbul. We started off near London Bridge, then on to Regents Park; although that was packed so headed down to Hide Park, then up to Piccadilly Circus and walked from there across to Covent Garden. What a fantastic afternoon weather wise, must have been getting on for 26oC. I’m really pleased with what we got. Out of several hundred images here’s a few of my faves:

Becky At The Reception

This week we had one wedding on Saturday. The church ceremony was in Wimbledon and the reception at Hartsfield Manor near Dorking. This shot below jumped out at me on the initial edit of the photos. It’s had quite extensive Photoshop treatment although maintaining a photographic look and not ‘over-cooked’. Obviously to get a shor like this it has to be directed and a number of takes to get the swirl of dress and everything right.

My Weekly Faves 1st August

I’m going to start a new regular post of my weekly favorite pictures and this weekend I had three weddings to shoot. One on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. So a pretty busy weekend. August has always been my bussiest month of weddings with 11 in total for the month so if you call on Monday or Friday it may be a while before we get back to you as if we have such busy weekends I try to take a bit of timeout Mon & Tues. Anyhow the weather was pretty changeable this weekend. Friday was great, Saturday was wet … Continue reading

Wedding Photograph At Wotton House

Friday saw us at Wotton House near Dorking for my first wedding there. It certainly has some great features for orchestrated wedding photographs. These is a man made rock feature I spotted and just love the light coming through the whole in the feature. Looking for the light is what creating such photographs is all about and get the light falling on the subject exactly right, normally I am looking to get light in to the eyes as that’s the most important part and then posing the bride so as to give a natural shape.

Rain On The Wedding But A Great Opportunity

Not that I would ever wish for rain on a wedding but if the bride does happen to be outside when the heavens open I look at it as a rare opportunity to get a shot that is quite different to most of the wedding pictures this time of year. This is from Saturdays wedding 17th Jly 09/ It was fine most of the day but there was a half hour of rain just before the meal. and a couple of the other photos:

Sally & Kyle’s Wedding Photos At Eastwell Manor

It’ s been a while since I was last at Eastwell Manor and so it was a great pleasure to be there on Friday. The staff are very pleasant and made everyone very welcome. Sally & Kyle were very lucky to have had such a fantastic day with the weather as last week was pretty bad on the whole but Frday was exceptional. For us it was a very busy day starting at 9am in Woolwhich and then finally leaving at around 9.15pm but it was a great fund wedding to shoot covering the Chinese games in the morning although … Continue reading

Hannah & Chris – Chateau De Conde, Vallery, France

This week we had the pleasure of photographing Hannah & Chris’s wedding in a beautiful French chateau. We drove down there on the Monday, arriving mid-afternoon and I was instantly inspired and excited about shooting their weddingon the Tuesday. We really enjoyed ourselves and were made to feel very welcome and part of the wedding. We wish Hannah & Chris the bery best for their futres together and thank you for so much for giving us this opportunity to photograph your beautiful wedding. Here’s a few for now that I processed this moring.   All images copyright Paul Johnson.