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A selection of wedding photographs of Hampton Court Palace from the award winning contemporary wedding photographer, Paul Johnson.

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Hampton Court Palace dates back to the 11th century in the rather undistinguished guise as a set of farm buildings and grew over the following 200 years into a staging post for royal guests during their travels in the area. The Palace really moved into royal circles under the tenancy of Giles Daubeney and the area surrounding Hampton was becoming increasingly attractive to the royal family such that the house received Henry VII on several occasions. It was however, Cardinal Thomas Wolsely who bought the court to prominence. Wolsely was an ambitious man and a close confident of Henry VIII, he was probably the most powerful none royal of his time and gained a series of titles to befit his standing. He needed a residence suitable for a man of such importance and transformed Hampton Court into a sumptuous Palace, fit for the king and a source of entertainment and hospitality for all of the leading figures of the time. The Cardinal famously lost Hampton Court to Henry VIII when he failed to get agreement from the Pope for the divorce of Henry and Katherine who was unable to bear a male heir to the throne.

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Henry VIII loved Hampton Court Palace, he was a prolific house builder and was responsible for the construction or more palaces and grand houses than any other royal. Vast sums of money were spent turning this into possibly the most lavish and extravagant estate of its time and of any time since! Vast lands for hunting, indoor bowling alleys, tennis courts and huge dining halls as well as immense private accommodation for his entourage and family were constructed. The legacy of which still exists to this day making Hampton Court Palace both a bride’s and wedding photographers dream. There are very few things in life that can bring more joy to a professional photographer than to have the opportunity to capture images at probably the finest wedding location in the world!

With respect to weddings, there can be few venues in the world that offer the flexibility of Hampton Court, this is a building designed for hosting lavish celebrations and in this respect, you have more choice here than anywhere else. There are no fewer than 10 banqueting rooms including an outdoor marquee site that can host weddings, with 8 of these capable of holding more than 100 guests and up to 400 for a reception in the Great Hall. From the Kings Guards chamber, adorned with 3000 swords, bayonets, pistols and muskets, to the huge Great Hall, with its spectacular decorations and lighting, wedding photography at Hampton Court Palace is always a fantastic occupation! Hampton Court Palace is a location where wedding photography can be truly spectacular. The size of the external building is just huge and there are so many angles and locations for external shots that you are often spoilt for choice. From the grand entrance to the private gardens, this is a locations that offers truly spectacular outdoor wedding photography.

As the Palace has such a large number of rooms, you are also really spoilt for choice when it comes to wedding photography within Hampton Court Palace. Sweeping grand staircases, sumptuous rooms decorated with all manner of tapestries, art and patterned papers, the list of the specific shots that can be captured here are endless. The light at Hampton Court Palace also changes from room to room and walkway to corridor, you have to be careful when capturing an image to reflect the light conditions that change with every shot. That is just one of the many reasons that when choosing a Hampton Court Palace wedding photographer, experience of this venues is vital.

We particularly like the wide range of external photography opportunities, just because there is always something different that you can do. This means that your wedding photographs of Hampton Court Palace will truly be unique. It is easy to fall into the trap of capturing similar images at lesser venues when you know that a particular location works well. A wedding photographer at Hampton Court Palace has such a wide range of locations, backdrops, points of focus and fascias that there is no need to ever take the same background shot twice. From the resplendent fountains to the front of the Palace shots, you can always capture an alternative angle, change the mood or use a different technique to make every individual image as bespoke as this stunning wedding venue deserves.

Paul Johnson is one of the leading contemporary wedding photographers in the UK and has won several awards for modern and contemporary wedding photography. Weddings at Hampton Court Palace are always a grand affair and if you require a leading luxury wedding photographer that will bring the most out of your wedding photography opportunities, then choose Paul Johnson Photography and call 01342 317000 for a no obligation quote. Hiring an experienced and professional photographer that works to your budget and artistic desires is an absolute must at such a fantastic wedding venue as Hampton Court Palace.

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