About Paul Johnson Photography

I’ve been photographing weddings and portraits for around 25 years now. I work from my garden studio at our home in East Grinstead and travel throughout the country and Europe to photograph weddings and portraits. In 2008 my wife came to work with me on the studio side of the business and there is my assistant who comes with me on weddings and generally helps in the studio.

My website is about showing the world what I do and what I can do for you. I value my clients tremendously and each new client is of great value to me. It gives me the opportunity of creating for you what I like doing the most. Many of my wedding clients come back to me time and again after their wedding as their families grow and its a great privilege to record these families grow and change and be there for these milestone occasions.

I always had a passion for creating images, when I was a teen I loved painting and that was my main passion. I was then fortunate enough to stumble upon photography while on holiday in Suffolk when I was 17 and bought my first SLR; a Russian Zenith. Soon I discovered that wasn’t good enough so bought myself a Pentax within a month; I got the bug and was addicted to photography. I read and read as much as I could and then did a course with the New York Institute of Photography. That is a very brilliant course and I believe still runs today. If you want to learn the subject that is a great starting point.

I soon discovered I most enjoyed photographing people and landscapes. Wedding photography and portraiture is a mixture of the two or as many photographers would call it ‘environmental portraiture’. The pressure of a wedding is high which I like; it keeps me on my toes and gives me a buzz. With passion comes the determination to be the best I can; creating great photos is what its all about, and its the greatest reward to walk away from a photography shoot knowing I’ve created some beautiful, potentially award winning photos or to know the client is going to love what I’ve created. When I know I’ve nailed some uber cool, killer photos it gives me a buzz like nothing else can. That alone is what is my driving passion to want to improve as a photographer, learning new skills, trying new ideas and constantly experimenting to move my work ahead. First and foremost I am a photographer that loves what I do and in order to do photography full time I need to operate it as a business; I’m not a businessman that runs a photography business but a photographer that runs a buisness.

In the past few years I decided I’d start entering for some awards. As I’ve been a member of the Master Photographers Association for quite a few years I thought I’d go in for their regional awards as I like the feedback one gets from the judging. It has been with great pride that this year, 2012 I won the title of overall ‘photographer of the year’ in the MPA South East regional awards and received my trophy and plaque for one of my wedding photographs. Since entering I have been winning awards every year. In 2010 I came 1st, 2nd & 3rd in contemporary wedding photography and 1st in Classical as well as picking up awards and merits in portraiture. My intention is to go and win at the nationals and international awards. Its great recognition and drives one to excel and try new ideas.

I’ve shot around 1500 weddings to date and actually get more pleasure out of shooting weddings and portraits today than at any time. As a photographer as my skills improve so too does the satisfaction I get from knowing that I am creating better and better photos.

When I’m not photographing I like to spend time with my family, we have two young children; at th etime of writting Tiffany 5 and Thomas just 1. Tiffany already says she wants to be a photographer. Lol

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