Monthly Archives: September 2009

Wedding At Marble Hill House In Twickenham

What a busy, busy time at the moment. Two full days of weddings last weekend and an all day one yesterday. Just had a chance to look at yesterday’s and when I took this one below I got all excited knowing it had a lot going for it; well what I like about a good photo anyway. I love the light striking the faces. For me the light on the groom with his face half lit I find works really well for men and Alice has her face looking towards the window just out of shot which I find beautifying … Continue reading

3 Weddings In One Weekend

Well what a busy bank holiday we had with weddings on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Here’s a few from Sunday’s wedding. Wedding photography at Hever Castle is such a pleasure with it’s stunning castle and gardens. Weather was my ideal as well, overcast with cloud detail, not that flat white sheet we oftne get in the winter. We took a good mix of reportage and directed, here though although some reportage most are directed.